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Our Vendors

Ardsley Park Peddler

Patricia Lawrence

My husband and I took one look at the Live Oaks and Antebellum homes in Savannah and fell in love. We knew that one day we would make this our home.  Finally, in the autumn of 2015, our dream became a reality when we purchased a 1930s bungalow in Ardsley Park. At that time, it was a bit of a fixer-upper.  It took a few years, countless trips to the big box hardware store, and Two Women and a Warehouse, but we finally have a home and my love for all things vintage kept us going through the peaks and falls. 

There is a phrase “if walls could talk.”  Not only would our walls tell a thing or two about the careful restorations we made at home, but I feel the same about antiques or vintage finds.  On my recent trip to London, I purchased a 1940’s picnic basket.  As I was walking home, I began to daydream about the possibility of this basket being hurriedly packed up and off to the Underground during the Blitz.  Anytime I see an antique Singer sewing machine I’m flooded with memories of sitting on the floor beside my grandmother helping her peddle the machine while making my Easter dress.  My living room is furnished with a 1930’s sofa and club chairs from the Pennsylvania Railroad headquarters.  The railroad has since been long gone, but the furniture is as sturdy and beautiful as ever.  Consequently, I worked in that same building many years later. All of these small pieces from time have their own story to tell and I like to find ways to tell those stories through restoration. 

From interiors to outdoor spaces (after all, gardening is decorating outdoors!), I provide treasured items that tell history in a new way – and of course, can be part of your story as well.   


Kevin Peek

My name is Kevin Peek and my business is called b9Dk.  Although it looks like a jumble of typewriter characters, and maybe even creates confusion, just say it out loud.  If you still don’t get it, I will explain it later.

My love for junk began at a very early age.  I remember going as a child to the “junk store” and to auctions with my grandmother, an artist and antiques dealer in Henagar, Alabama.  Many of our junking finds were repurposed into creative and useful items with a brand new life.  My love for finding and repurposing grew as  I got older and met my partner Roger Smith. We have bought, renovated, and decorated a number of homes together.  

I specifically real like early- to mid-twentieth-century books and magazines, paintings and prints, maps and globes, and other artifacts that together evoke the patina of the past and recreate the slightly Old World, masculine aura of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.  Beyond all of this, my trademark style is marked by discovering purposes for things that are no longer used every day.  For example, you can spot b9Dk by its yellowed dictionary-page wallpaper!

So now I spend my weekends, vacations, and a lot of time outside of my regular working hours pursuing this reawakened passion.  Whether it’s scavenging, sanding, painting, or polishing—I am always working to create the motif of gentle disrepair.

I like to find objects just as they fall into just that . . . gentle disrepair.  That’s the reason I gave my business its name: b9Dk.  Still need a little help?  This combination of three letters and one number represents the words benign decay.  Deterioration—or decay—can be an interesting and beautiful thing, and when that decay is harmless and wonderful, it’s just the right kind of b9Dk.


Brentwood Designs

We are aptly named ETC. ETC. as we love just about all styles of

Furniture, and accessories!

 If we had to pick some favorites: we enjoy industrial, some shabby chic, a little vintage, and a lot of bohemian. We can up-style/recycle just about anything to be something that it was not. Janice loves to paint furniture, and since we have good imaginations, we are constantly looking to find discarded, unloved pieces begging to be loved again!  

If we cannot find it as a discarded, unloved piece…..Brent can design and build it from scratch!

Henry Street Antiques

Judy Miller

I am a wife and mother of two grown children (a banker and soon to be physician) and I work full-time in Cancer Research.  I am a child of older parents and have always loved “old” things.  As a child I passed the time during the summers digging through stuff my aunt had stored in her attic from great aunts and grandparents. I got started in the business after taking a break from full time work in a hospital Lab; deciding I was bored and needed something to do.  I went to an estate sale and was hooked.  A friend of mine took me to an auction and talked me into trying an antique booth at a local mall.  I loved it!  After a couple of years in a booth, I started my own antique mall with 4 other partners and ran and owned an antique mall in Augusta for 9 years.  I opened a booth in Savannah before I officially moved here and now have booths at two locations in Savannah. 

I really love anything old, especially primitives that are covered in chippy paint.  I have collections of majolica, blue and white transfer ware, sterling vases, antique pastoral scenes, flower frogs, matte glaze white pottery, and walking canes.  My style is traditional with a twist.  I like repurposing old things in new and creative ways.  The thrill of the hunt keeps me going.  It is so fun and I enjoy taking an ugly piece of furniture and giving it a coat of paint or a sanding job and making it look new again. 


Marshall and Dawn Kutchey

Hi, my name is Dawn Kutchey.  My husband Marshall and I enjoyed working together for many years at his family business. When that business closed, we decided to try doing something we both love. I have a passion for thrifting, all types of antiques and anything vintage.  My husband has a knack for repairing furniture, and also for letting me know when I have bitten off more than I can chew.  We both truly enjoy reworking and repurposing old furniture and other vintage finds, and we get excited to see the transformation take place, even when it is not what we expected 🙂.  I especially love this business because you never know what treasure you might find on any given day.  We hope that our customers enjoy our pieces as much as we enjoy working on them. 

I absolutely love this business, from the shopping, to the painting, to the people I’ve met, both vendors and customers.  We have had so much wonderful support here, and are so proud to be part of the funkiest, most fabulous shop in town! 

Pojo Productions

Charlie Ellis

Hi, I am Charlie Ellis and I have Pojo Productions. I’m old and retired and do this to provide neat and unusual things for people. I got started when I realized that I could turn found or discarded objects into something people might want. My true style is rough and ready, sturdy, mostly manly, not pretty or prissy. It involves driftwood, nautical items, bones, snake skins, old bottles, antlers, hand lettered signs, all mixed in with some garage sale and dumpster treasures.

I love this business because you get to meet some incredibly adorable women.

Sticks and Stones: A Coastal Farm

C.C. Pruitt

Sticks and Stones is curated by C.C. Pruitt, a local artist, author, and interior designer. For her booth, Pruitt specializes in painting furniture, as well as showcasing thoughtfully picked vintage wares that go with her coastal and modern farm theme. You can also get her original art, prints and published books here as well.

The Southern Pineapple

Kristan Fuller Constantine

I am Kristan Fuller Constantine. I am grateful to have been born and raised in Savannah Georgia. I chose a pineapple to represent my business because not only is it a symbol of hospitality, but also serves as a reminder for me to welcome life on life‘s terms.

Once I discovered that I had the power to totally transform a piece, I was hooked! I am able to take an older piece of furniture that has either been well loved or neglected and give it new life so that its charm may continue to be valued. Somehow during the process of creating a unique look, my heart fills up and I am happy. I hope the joy I feel is passed along to those who purchase items from my booth! 

Today is My Someday

Kim Rowland

Hi, I’m Kim Rowland, and my business is “Today is my Someday”. I’ve been painting furniture for over 8 years now, and I enjoy it now more than ever!  My business name comes from kind of a “Carpe Diem” moment I had when my youngest child went off to school. I’d considered quitting my job as an  Accountant and delving into my creative side. So, I seized the day, and the rest is history!
In my booth, you can find painted furniture in classic vibrant colors- sometimes with a little something unexpected added.  I like a coastal cottage/ beachy style as well, since much of Savannah gives a nod to our beautiful Tybee Island.  I take great pride in providing beautiful, classic, and professional finishes that will last for years to come. Bringing life back to a tired, forgotten piece of furniture is what I love!

In addition to furniture, I have a variety of home decor, vintage linens, locally made goats milk soap, and fun quirky items!  I enjoy my time at Two Women and a Warehouse, and I rarely leave the store without purchasing something amazing from one of our vendors or at least being inspired by all of the creativity and charm in our fun, funky store!


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